Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault

Author and Host: Howie Nave. 'Blue Collar' comedian Bill Engvall tells Howie, 'Her's your sign' and tips on golf while Alabama's Heath Hyche launches into a 1000 voices from the deep South to Hollywood. 

Author and Host: Howie Nave. Dan Finnerty of The Dan Band started out singing all women's music and wound up on the big screen in the movies 'Old School" & "The Hangover." Dan rocks the story on how that happened. Howie pulls Adam Ray from the comedy vault as he dishes behind-the-scenes on what it was like working with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in "The Heat," as Erin Foley goes from being a stand-up in New York to getting cast in Cameron Crowe's "Almost Famous," all this in-between the circumcised panini.   

Author and Host: Howie Nave. Singer/songwriter Kenny Loggins on movie soundtracks saving his musical career during the age of Disco. Brian Dunkleman and Avi Liberman in-studio w/ Howie explore choices made and second guessed and paying the price for it and comedy in Israell without getting shot.  

Author and Host: Howie Nave. Legendary Don Rickles on performing for many years at Harrah's Lake Tahoe sticking it to Howie as he goes. In his 80s, still fresh and timeless. Chicago's Rocky LaPorte and Ron Morey in-studio non-stop, mile-a-minute punches keep it going. Allan Havey drops by for another addition of Howiewood and Haveywood.