Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault

Ep262 with comedian & actor Allan Havey philosophizing on his career in comedy, acting and life

Episode 261 with the return of comedians Rocky LaPorte and Ron Morey (with a special appearance from Carol)

Episode 260 with comedian Jim Breuer (nice guy sure but still visits the dark side at times)

Episode 259 with comedian and overlooked motivational speaker Nick Griffin (the Halloween edition)

Episode 258 with political humorist Will Durst keeping the populace connected through the love that is politics (lol)

Episode 257 with comedians Bob Zany and Larry 'Bubbles' Brown & getting the band back together (but still haven't rehearsed anything)

Episode 256 our traditional family reunion (once again) with comedians Rocky Laporte & Ron Morey with of course a Carol chaser (for those in the know)

Episode 255 the special annual comedy golf edition at Edgewood Tahoe for the American Century Championship with Kevin Nealon, Charles Barkley (he qualifies as a comedian), Larry the Cable Guy, Ray Romano and Alfonso Ribeiro

Episode 254 with Virginia City's cosmic singer-songwriter Lacy J. Dalton who may not technically be a comedian but is very funny.

Episode 253 with the uncontrollable comedian Jimmy Shubert and soon-to-be-married comedian Jason Lawhead

Episode 252 with the return of the 3 Musketeers, Renaissance comedians Rocky LaPorte, Ron Morey and Howie Nave. The tradition continues.

Episode 251 with comedian and host of Carson City Tonight, Mr. Bob Zany

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Episode 250 with comedian Nick Griffin and his new special called Cheer Up (so profiling) taped live at The Comedy Cellar in New York City.

Episode 249 with a very grateful Allan Havey, comedian & actor who just returned from Europe.

Episode 248 with comedian and playwrite Jack Gallagher who returns to South Lake Tahoe after a long absence.

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Episode 247 with comedian and radio personality Dave Mencarelli who finally gets on Howie's podcast! Welcome Dave, you have arrived!

Ep246 with comedian Joby Saad who makes his debut on the podcast

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Episode 245 with political humorist Will Durst who returns to South Lake Tahoe

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Episode 244 with comedian Larry 'Bubbles' Brown and hunting for a particular Nicolas Cage movie. No, seriously!

Episode 243 with Native-American comedian (it really does help him get even more bookings) Marc Yaffee

Episode 242 with comedian and Daughter of a Garbageman, Maureen Langan

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Episode 241 with The Queen of Gardnerville (and beyond), Kat Simmons who's one of my personal favs.

Episode 240 with comedian and exceptional friend Mark Pitta who launches Howie's House of Comedy @ The Loft Tahoe in South Lake Tahoe

Episode 239 with the creator of The RAZZIE Awards John Wilson, representing the worst Hollywood has to offer now in its 39th year!

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Episode 238 features 3 comedians Dax Jordan, Marc Yaffee & The Tommy Lama all in one episode.

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Episode 237 with comedian Ben Gleib with a appearance by The Tommy Lama

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Episode 236 with comedian Jimmy Shubert making his debut on the podcast and wow, does he have quite a lot to say!

Episode 235 with comedian and good bud John Caponera on new love, flipping homes and prosperity in the New Year.