Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault
Ep19.Kivi Rogers utilizes social networking? Don Mc Enery on a cellphone? These two, in-studio with Howie think they have it figured out.

Ep.18. Anthony Griffith and Ron Morey "define the sexes!" David Spade in pure laid back form has is set faxed to him

Stagebenders go wild! Joel Lindley is the online vigilantist, and Wayne Brady from the vault is not as squeaky clean as you might have believed. 

Ep16.Jam packed show with Rachel Feinstein, Tracy MacDonald, Will Durst and Louie Anderson

Ep.14.Ben Gleib & Chelsea Handler

Ep13.Jackie Flynn & Kevin Flynn! "The Irish Boys of Comedy." Get ready for a side splitting wild show.

Ep13.Jackie Flynn & Kevin Flynn! The Irish boys. They have been coming up to Lake Tahoe for 13 years every March to join Howie and other comics drinkin' in the comedy. 

Radio regular ("Graham's Crackers" every Thursday) and the guy I went over to Iraq/Kuwait with, Graham Elwood is the comic in part responsible for me even starting a podcast. Here he talk about the emergence of, the documentary that he and fellow comedian & co-creator of their podcast, Chris Mancini started. Jackie Kashian also talk about her foray into comedy and like Elwood, talks about how her podcast has changed comedy and finding a niche audience.



Owen Benjamin and Frances Dilorinzo bring up an interesting topic about being confident in the comedy world and start debating on men versus women in our business and it gets a little heated at times in a funny, uncomfortable way. Good stuff from two very good comics. I call Dana Carvey and while he's driving around the bay area starts doing  improvised impressions on the spot that are hilarious. 

Political humorist Will Durst and David Gee cover a wide range of topics including the obvious discussion on politics but also about comedy as a career in general. We also talk about the history, the lineage if you will of comedy and how it has transformed into what it is today.