Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault

Episode 18e on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast with comedian & premiere author Ritch Shydner and comedian Chase DuRousseau (who we're expecting great things from).

Episode 182 with comedians Rocky LaPorte, Ron Morey & special guest 'Carol' who always shows up when Rocky and Ron perform together up here in South Lake Tahoe. Carol will be singing a rare, impromptu closing number on diversity reflecting the turbulent times this country (the USA) has been going through. Both Rocky and Ron performed at the Tahoe Improv Comedy Club in South Lake Tahoe.

Episode 181 with comedians Jenny Zigrino & Chris Fairbanks. Yes, I've referred to them as 'newbies-to-the-Lake' but not newbies in the comedy biz. On this episode everything from unintentional audience participation to experiencing things that still shock you when you thought you've seen it all! With South Lake Tahoe as the backdrop and this being their first time on our stage I'm reminded that being up here is still a much better choice (for your host) than being in a place such as Los Angeles.

Ep180 is up and loaded on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault @ with comedians Francisco Ramos Dana Eagle who seems to make depression marketable. Dana has a new book out called How To Be Depresed: A Guide.

Episode 179 is up on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast with political humorist Will Durst & Larry 'Bubbles' Brown regarding 'The Incident' in South Lake Tahoe

Episode 178 is up on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ and is a one-on-one chat with first timer-to-Lake Tahoe (as a performer @ the Improv Lake Tahoe) comedian Sarah Tiana. The Georgia native talks about her start in the comedy business, her upbringing in the South and how it shaped her stand up career, her love of sports and the very first joke she wrote that put her on the comedic map.

Episode 177.the annual all comedian golf edition with comedians Kevin Nealon, Ray Romano, Larry the Cable Guy, Brian Baumgartner and Rob Riggle out here in South Tahoe for the 28th annual American Century Championship held at Edgewood Golf Course in South Lake Tahoe and broadcast on NBC SAturday and Sunday nationwide.

Episode 176 is up and loaded with comedians Vince Morris & David Gee or Mr. Non-PC meets Mr. More Voice Impressions Please on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ All episodes are recorded in the high Sierra in South Lake Tahoe. Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast always features the best comedians exclusively be it nationally known or worldwide. Many of the comedians are performing at the Improv Lake Lake and other venues as well.

Episode 175 is up on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast with comedians Thomas Dale & Michael Blaustein on trying to figure out if comedians or actors are more damaged. Which? No idea but we're all in the same league. Recorded 'live' up here in South Lake Tahoe both comedians are also good friends and started out at the same time. It's a good chat and the only podcast that has comedians on every week here in the Lake Tahoe area.

Episode 174 is up and loaded on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ Comedians Allan Havey & Suli McCullough are my guests on what it's like to be cast in projects that you're already big fans of. Broadcasting from South Lake Tahoe all of the comics seem to wanna stay up here and who can blame them? The podcast is the only one here in the high Sierra that features comedic guests performing up here be it at the Improv Lake Tahoe or any of the many showrooms that we have up here at the Lake. Howie Nave also writes for Action Magazine in the Tahoe Daily Tribune and in the Lake Tahoe Entertainer.