Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault (comedy)
Ep13.Jackie Flynn & Kevin Flynn! "The Irish Boys of Comedy." Get ready for a side splitting wild show.

Ep13.Jackie Flynn & Kevin Flynn! The Irish boys. They have been coming up to Lake Tahoe for 13 years every March to join Howie and other comics drinkin' in the comedy. 

Radio regular ("Graham's Crackers" every Thursday) and the guy I went over to Iraq/Kuwait with, Graham Elwood is the comic in part responsible for me even starting a podcast. Here he talk about the emergence of, the documentary that he and fellow comedian & co-creator of their podcast, Chris Mancini started. Jackie Kashian also talk about her foray into comedy and like Elwood, talks about how her podcast has changed comedy and finding a niche audience.



Owen Benjamin and Frances Dilorinzo bring up an interesting topic about being confident in the comedy world and start debating on men versus women in our business and it gets a little heated at times in a funny, uncomfortable way. Good stuff from two very good comics. I call Dana Carvey and while he's driving around the bay area starts doing  improvised impressions on the spot that are hilarious. 

Political humorist Will Durst and David Gee cover a wide range of topics including the obvious discussion on politics but also about comedy as a career in general. We also talk about the history, the lineage if you will of comedy and how it has transformed into what it is today.

Allan Havey, Jodi Borrello and Kevin Nealon chat with comedian Howie Nave from Lake Tahoe about golf, classic movies, Hurricane Katrina, relationships, the business of comedy, golf, television series Mad Men, Weeds, Saturday Night Live, Louis C.K. and everything in-between.

Ep8.Bob Saget gets clean, while Bradley Wollack talks Chelsea Handler. Will Durst & Joe Starr drop in.

Bob Sagat goes beyond "Full House" while Bradley Wollack thanks Chelsea Handler for giving him a shot as one of her writers. Will Durst drops by for some political commentary and Long Island's Joe Starr offers up a classic joke joke that still stands the test of time. 

Purpetual NewYorker Bobby Collins and Johnny Steele from 3 Still Standing, both comedian stage performers for more than 30 years, debate what the message is in comedy. Johnny thinks a message should be in the comedy while Bobby thinks its all about entertaining the crowd. 

Author and Host: Howie Nave. FitzDog radio's Greg Fitzsimmons roasts Howie and the industry with Las Vegas' Brandon Hahn who wants to be Greg Fitzsiimmons. 

Author and Host: Howie Nave. Every year Hollywood releases really bad movies and Razzie Award creator John Wilson has made a career out of pointing out the worst of the worst and he does it, just as Hollywood dresses up to celebrate the oscars. 

Author and Host: Howie Nave. 'Blue Collar' comedian Bill Engvall tells Howie, 'Her's your sign' and tips on golf while Alabama's Heath Hyche launches into a 1000 voices from the deep South to Hollywood.