Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault (comedy)

Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast with guests Dat Phan and Lydia Popovich recorded in South Lake Tahoe. Episode 158 on the podcast from South Lake Tahoe.

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Episode 156 with comedians (and former sloth) Ben Gleib and wanna-be Jewish princess comedian Justine Marino on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast broadcasting out of South Lake Tahoe. Howie Nave host/emcee The Improv Lake Tahoe, Improv Lake Tahoe, High Sierra, podcasting, comedians, Lake Tahoe

Episode 155 on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast featuring comedians Bob Zany and Jessica Michelle Singleton. Recorded in South Lake Tahoe. The Improv Lake Tahoe is where comedians Bob Zany and Jessica Michelle Singleton performed February 2017.

Episode 154 is up and running on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast. My guests are comedians Matteo Lane and Brian Moses. Broadcasting from South Lake Tahoe it's the first time for both Lane and Moses not just on the podcast but being up here in South Lake Tahoe.

Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ has it's 153rd episode with comedians Jerry Rocha and Ronnie Schell. This is Rocha's first time on the podcast and an exceptional comedian with a blunt, in your face approach to the craft. He's a good one. Also on is the legendary actor/comedian who's been on countless television shows and has been doing stand up 60 years! Wow. He has the best showbiz stories too and shares some of them on this episode as well.

Broadcasting from beautiful (and right now snow covered) Lake Tahoe it's Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ and it's episode 152 with comedian Amir K & the comic whose name we can't fit on the marquee, Allen Strickland Williams. The podcast features a different pair of nationally touring comedians every week with a new episode uploaded every Saturday. Comedian Amir K's first motion picture just happened to be Ben Affleck's "Argo" and he's also on the MADtv on the CW. Allen was recently on Conan and this is his first time up here in Tahoe and since he has no body fat has been freezing to death. Howie Nave has had been in Tahoe with the Improv since Day 1 last weekend (Jan 15, '17) celebrating 16 years up here as Lake Tahoe's longest running revue.

Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast episide 151 with comedian/actor Allan Havey & comedian Alycia Cooper 1st time in Lake Tahoe together buried in snow

This is episode 150 of Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast with The highly motivated and spirited duo of comedians Francisco Ramos & Michael Blaustein

Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast with comedians Raj Sharma and Jen Murphy.

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Ep148.Comedians Gene (Chicano to the bone) Pompa & Felicia (a movie just waiting to happen) Michaels

Ep147.Comedians Dat Phan & Chase DuRousseau on a very special geekdom, sci-fi episode (& you wonder why we're all single)

Edgey comedian Mike Pace on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast.

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Podcast from Lake Tahoe comedian Howie Nave

comedy podcast with comedians Howie Nave, Henry Phillips, Rick D'Elia

Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast features some of the best and most entertaining comedians in the business. Oh sure, some might not be household names (yet) but think of it as you getting an insight into knowing these individuals before everybody else did.

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Ep137.Comedians Todd (the non-segue king) Glass & Gary (1st time up here in 15.5 years) Brightwell

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Podcast with Howie Nave, Allan Havey, Nick Youssef

Brash at times, very funny and organic nothing strained.

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Ep131.Comedians Cathy Ladman & Chase DuRousseau bridging a generation of comedy through laughter

Podcast with the voice of Roger Rabbit, Charles Fleischer

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Comedians "Stuttering" John Melendez from The Howard Stern Show and Reality TV mom, Frances Dilorinzo meet for the first time up here in South Lake Tahoe and well, it gets interesting. Good interesting and a lot is discussed along the way.

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Ep119.Technically funny comedian Don McMillan & comedian Sandy Danto's dream tour funded by Kickstarter

Ep117.Dat 'I don't do nails' Phan & Marc 'I'm more than just Skippy' Price
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Ep116.Comedians Jackie Flynn & Avi Liberman (one believes & the other is skeptical)

Ep115.Comedian John Henton representin' South Lake Tahoe What! What!

Comedian John Henton and Howie Nave on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast

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Ep87.Chicago Cubbie fathful John Caponera & daughter of Mommy Dearest, Carrie Snow

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Ep64.Comedians Darryl Lenox (a little bitter ab comedy) & Rick Ingraham (too young to be so bitter)