Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault

Episode 234 with Erin O'Connor comedian, sweet individual and former SF Bay Area gal. This marks her very first time on my podcast and I might add is also married to comedian Bob Zany (but don't hold that against her folks).

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Episode 233 with magician Joel Ward making his debut. He's so good he makes Howie's soul reappear.

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Episode 232 with comedian/actor and mensch Bob Zany where we talk about the biz, dogs and how he helps Howie find gigs. Also on special guest David Spade.mp3

Episode 231 with comedian & fellow Horror Aficionado Nick Griffin.

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Episode 230 with comedian/actor Allan Havey who tries to understand why Howie is so enamored with his firewood as gets ready for the winter season up here in Lake Tahoe.

Episode 229 with comedian Jeremy Hotz, the most miserable comedian I've ever known. He talks about the art of being consistently in a state of misery.

Episode 228 with South Lake Tahoe's Todd Offenbacher. Todd has his own show on Lake Tahoe Television is an avid climber and also a positive speaker when he's not doing excursions down in Antarctica. He's also a good friend and friend to our Tahoe community.

Episode 227 with Las Vegas comedian Kathleen Dunbar. She loves living in Las Vegas where the one thing they both have in common is the heat she's getting with her comedy career......HOT!

Episode 226 with author, screenwriter (Shrek 2, All Dogs Go To Heaven) and speaker David Weiss

Episode 225 with comedian, actor, roast master and always relevant , Bob Zany.

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Episode 224 with our annual, special golf edition up here playing the annual American Century Championship @ Edgewood, Lake Tahoe with comedians Kevin Nealon, Alfonso Ribeiro, Larry the Cable Guy, Rob Riggle and Ray Romano.

Episode 223 with comedian, actress, author, activist Margaret Cho with a bonus having The Tommy Lama on who recently left the Virgin Islands.

Episode 222 with comedian Auggie Smith and a bonus chat with spiritual enlightener, The Tommy Lama (broadcasting from Hawaii)

Ep221 with political humorist Will Durst who returns to the Lake for the first time this year. Way overdue especially when you consider the political climate the country is in.

Ep220 with headlining comedian/actors Allan Havey & Bob Zany. Two great guys who between them have a lot og impressive credentials going on. We chat separately about what projects they're currently working on and their long history in the business of humor. 

Episode 219 with comedian & magician Chipper Lowell in our first extended chat in a very long time. He performs regularly up here in Lake Tahoe be it working at other venues or producing his own shows.

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Episode 218 is up with Northwest comedians Morgan Preston and James Heneghen who somehow have bucked the whole Hollywood trip and making a good living doing stand up on their own terms. Morgan started a cool campaign theme too doing 50 Dates in 50 states of comedy.

Episode 217 features comedians Amir K. & Ron Morey (with a brief appearance by 'Carol') and both possess the ability to launch into other voices at will! Amir currently stars in the primetime CW reboot of MADtv and has been seen on Comedy Central, HULU and TRU TV. Morey, among other credits was hand picked by Snoop Dogg to be in one of his videos.

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Episode 216 with Latina comedians Shayla Rivera and Jade Esteban Estrada (2/3 of Three Latinas and a Navé) performing on Cinco de Mayo @ the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Lake Tahoe. In the last episode we had Monique Marvez on and with Shayla and Jade complete the Latina line-up.

Episode 215 with comedian Shayla Rivera and her segment that's heard on my morning radio show every Wednesday: It's Rocket Science with Shayla Rivera. Last week my mom was visiting so we had her own during Shayla's segment promoting our Three Latinas and a Navé show happening on May 5th. To help promote the show I had Latina comedian Monique Marvez the show as well and it was the very first time the two of us had ever spoken to one another.

Episode 214 is up on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast with comedian, magician, illusionist and ventriloquist Andy Gross bookended with political humorist Will Durst.

Episode 213 on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast with comedians Jim Breuer, Tracy Morgan bookended with The Tommy Lama (Lamaste)

Episode 212 with headlining comedians Jackie Flynn & Kevin Flynn (no relation) on our 2 plus decades of meeting once-a-year up here around St. Patrick's Day Week of comedy.

Episode 211 with comedian Nick Griffin (and how my lifestyle is starting to parallel his). It's been 4 years since we chatted with the sometimes misunderstood comedian and he's truly one of the funniest individuals ever.

Episode 210 with San Francisco Bay Area (originally) comedians Rob Schneider and (still there) Larry 'Bubbles' Brown

Episode 209 with my annual conversation with Razzies founder John Wilson celebrating Hollywood's worst movies of the year. This is the 38th annual Razzie Awards that happens the night before Hollywood celebrates the best with The Oscars. 

Episode 208 with 2 comedians on the darker side of the edge: Gene Pompa & Dax Jordan.

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Episode 207 on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ with comedian and impressionist Bob DiBuono as President Donald Trump. Considered one of the best Trump impersonators, Bob DiBuono has appeared on ABC's "The View," Comedy Central and has toured some of the biggest venues.

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Episode 206 with comedian and impressionist Reggie Brown as President Barack Obama. And, he's from Chicago too! Coincidence?

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Episode 205 of Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast with comedians Eddie Ifft and Dana Eagle. A very open and frank discussion of being a cancer survivor but even Dana argues that in true comedic fashion. Eddie is able to deliver his comedy going after all sides of the equation so effortlessly.

Episode 204 with comedian Nick Guerra and Avi Liberman. Among things discussed Nick talks about his 'Block Party' & how Avi Liberman's mom gets more 'Likes' than he does on social media.

Episode 203 with comedian, world class kazoo player Ben Gleib & comedian Joe 'Dirty Sports' Praino recorded here in South Lake Tahoe. This episode marks a first where a comedian breaks out into spontaneous song with a kazoo in-between the conversation.

Episode 202 is up and loaded with comedian & writer Chris Franjola & comedian 'he's got some heat on him' Jesus Trejo both who make their debut on the podcast recorded in the high Sierra of Lake Tahoe.

Episode 201 (the first for the new year 2018) with seasoned comedians John Caponera & Suli McCullough. We push the envelope on those who nowadays can easily accuse someone of pretty much anything being judge, jury and executioner on social media and Caponera comments on the harsh reality of ageism in the comedy world.

It's a milestone with episode 200 bringing in the New Year with new comedian (for Lake Tahoe) Kathleen Dunbar from Las Vegas and veteran New York comedian Bobby Collins.

Episode 199 is the annual Lake Tahoe Christmas edition with comedians Henry Phillips & Billy Bonnell. Not only do both share their most memorable Christmas experience, Henry debuts the Christmas song that his record label found too depressing. 

Episode 198 with comedians Bob Zany & Larry 'Bubbles' Brown who are the epitome of pain + cynicism with a tinge of bitterness that = great comedy. Bob is on my morning radio show up here in Lake Tahoe every Tuesday with The Zany Report.

Episode 197 with comedians Liza Treyger & Ken Garr. Recorded in South Lake Tahoe both talk about the opportunities that exist if you just go out and pursue them. There's hope folks.

Episode 196 with iconic comedian and actor Dom Irrera. I'd never chatted with him before. Oh, sure I'd seen him at a comedy club when I was down in Los Angeles but even then never caught his entire set. So to interview him was a real treat. and yes, I did get to see him finally perform down at The Laugh Factory in Reno.

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Episode 195 with comedian Todd Glass breaking out into song with Chip Chantry & Howie singing backup. One of the more entertaining conversations ever and nice having Chip on making his debut up here in Lake Tahoe.

Ep194 brings back comedians Rocky LaPorte and Ron Morey with a coda of 'Carol' to round out the experience in what has clearly been a tradition that is always more fun with each meeting. Rocky of course was Best Man at my wedding (and said he'd be Best Man at my next weeding).

Episode 193 with comedians Raj Sharman, Rawle D. Lewis & David Gee (aka a multi-religious melting pot of humor).

Episode 192 with San Francisco bay area comedian Johnny Steele. I interviewed him earlier this month when he was hosting the SF Comedy Competition here in Lake Tahoe (& who has won it in the past). We talk about the craft but more importantly the mechanics & being smart in the comedy business promoting yourself and changing as the climate changes to keep up with the trends.

Episode 191 is up and loaded with comedian guru & spiritual advisor The Tommy Lama (aka Tommy Savitt) who helps comedian Avi Liberman & Howie find non-physical happiness.

Episode 190 with comedians Allan Havey, Rick D'Elia & Dana Eagle. Topics include power in Hollywood and those who abuse it (such as Harvey Weinstein), conspiracies and those who believe them (D'Elia, myself) and those who are skeptical (Havey, Eagle) and the dark side of comedy (that we all agreed on).

Episode189 with comedians Vince Morris & Michael Blaustein and this episode is by far the most extensive chat on racial relations ever. Vince has a very interesting take on this as he has seen and lived through people who were racist and also to his father who fought in Korea. Yes, it was a different time but when you grow up in that kind of environment yes, it does make a difference. It's a good one folks and it's all at

Episode 188 with comedians John Caponera & Alycia Cooper on information overload & how it filters into comedy. Topics include John wishing politics wouldn't be a part of sports and Alycia suggesting a compromise, the passing of Playboy founder Hugh Heffner segueing into how easy it is for kids to access sexually explicit material on the Internet (John's a father of sons and a daughter so he has a unique perspective) and priorities balancing art in the classroom versus a city in Texas paying 72 million dollars on a football stadium at the high school level!

Episode 187 is uploaded and features comedian-actor Adam Ray, 'How he got his first agent' Sandy Danto and perennial host David Gee who also played host at Budd Friedman's book launch party at the LA Improv where I drove down from Lake Tahoe down to Los Angeles in 8 hours. Some great stories between the four of us and I think you'll enjoy this episode because of it.

Episode 186 with comedians Darren Carter 'The Party Starter' & Joe Praino 'A Casualty of The Bingle Bus Tour' recorded 'live' in South Lake Tahoe. A lot is covered including the secret to Darren Carter's 20 year marriage (be submissive whenever possible), Joe Praino's inspiration to go from a career in sports journalism to stand up comedy (after watching comedian/TV host David Letterman kissing Julia Roberts on his late night television show) and finding out that all 3 of us are big fans of gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.

Episode 185 with my 1st 3-way comedic experience with Henry Phillips, Jessica Michelle Singleton and Rick D'Elia all performing @ the Improv Lake Tahoe this weekend and who were on my morning radio show too. All three are seasoned comedians and of course love coming to Lake Tahoe.

Episode 184 with comedians Jerry Rocha (who has a Netfix special out now) & Ken Garr (who makes divorce look so easy) and both on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ broadcasting from South Lake Tahoe. This is Rocha's second time up here and for Ken Garr his very first time to the Tahoe area.

Episode 18e on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast with comedian & premiere author Ritch Shydner and comedian Chase DuRousseau (who we're expecting great things from).

Episode 182 with comedians Rocky LaPorte, Ron Morey & special guest 'Carol' who always shows up when Rocky and Ron perform together up here in South Lake Tahoe. Carol will be singing a rare, impromptu closing number on diversity reflecting the turbulent times this country (the USA) has been going through. Both Rocky and Ron performed at the Tahoe Improv Comedy Club in South Lake Tahoe.

Episode 181 with comedians Jenny Zigrino & Chris Fairbanks. Yes, I've referred to them as 'newbies-to-the-Lake' but not newbies in the comedy biz. On this episode everything from unintentional audience participation to experiencing things that still shock you when you thought you've seen it all! With South Lake Tahoe as the backdrop and this being their first time on our stage I'm reminded that being up here is still a much better choice (for your host) than being in a place such as Los Angeles.

Ep180 is up and loaded on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault @ with comedians Francisco Ramos Dana Eagle who seems to make depression marketable. Dana has a new book out called How To Be Depresed: A Guide.

Episode 179 is up on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast with political humorist Will Durst & Larry 'Bubbles' Brown regarding 'The Incident' in South Lake Tahoe

Episode 178 is up on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ and is a one-on-one chat with first timer-to-Lake Tahoe (as a performer @ the Improv Lake Tahoe) comedian Sarah Tiana. The Georgia native talks about her start in the comedy business, her upbringing in the South and how it shaped her stand up career, her love of sports and the very first joke she wrote that put her on the comedic map.

Episode 177.the annual all comedian golf edition with comedians Kevin Nealon, Ray Romano, Larry the Cable Guy, Brian Baumgartner and Rob Riggle out here in South Tahoe for the 28th annual American Century Championship held at Edgewood Golf Course in South Lake Tahoe and broadcast on NBC SAturday and Sunday nationwide.

Episode 176 is up and loaded with comedians Vince Morris & David Gee or Mr. Non-PC meets Mr. More Voice Impressions Please on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ All episodes are recorded in the high Sierra in South Lake Tahoe. Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast always features the best comedians exclusively be it nationally known or worldwide. Many of the comedians are performing at the Improv Lake Lake and other venues as well.

Episode 175 is up on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast with comedians Thomas Dale & Michael Blaustein on trying to figure out if comedians or actors are more damaged. Which? No idea but we're all in the same league. Recorded 'live' up here in South Lake Tahoe both comedians are also good friends and started out at the same time. It's a good chat and the only podcast that has comedians on every week here in the Lake Tahoe area.

Episode 174 is up and loaded on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ Comedians Allan Havey & Suli McCullough are my guests on what it's like to be cast in projects that you're already big fans of. Broadcasting from South Lake Tahoe all of the comics seem to wanna stay up here and who can blame them? The podcast is the only one here in the high Sierra that features comedic guests performing up here be it at the Improv Lake Tahoe or any of the many showrooms that we have up here at the Lake. Howie Nave also writes for Action Magazine in the Tahoe Daily Tribune and in the Lake Tahoe Entertainer.

Episode 173 is up on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ with comedians John Henton (represent South Lake) and Avi (I also work  the Jew Fest circuit) Liberman'live' from Lake Tahoe. They're also at the @TahoeImprov this weekend as well as on Howie's Morning Rush radio show on KRLT 93-9 The Lake that you can hear online @

Episode 172 is up and loaded on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ with comedians  Amir K, Grant Cotter and the fabulous Louie Anderson (nice guys can finish first) recorded 'live' from South Lake Tahoe. Each week a new episode gets loaded up with most of (but not limited to) the comedians performing at the Tahoe Improv inside Harveys Casino. I've known Louie Anderson for years so it's nice he's back up here in the high Sierra performing at Harrah's Casino in South Lake Tahoe.

Episode 171 with comedian/musician Dennis Blair who returns after a 4 year absence (too soon?) & Alycia Cooper is back after 6 months (both well worth the wait) is up and running on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ The podcast is recorded exclusively in beautiful South Lake Tahoe.

Ep170 on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast with New York comedian Bobby Collins and Boston comedian Rick D'Elia recorded here in South Lake Tahoe. We are performing at the Improv Lake Tahoe inside Harveys Casino. Howie is the host and emcee of the Improv and also has a morning radio show called Howie's Morning Rush KRLT 93-9 The Lake.

Ep169 with comedian, world traveler and author Tom Rhodes and Chase 'don't ever change your last name' DuRousseau. Recorded up here in South Lake Tahoe the week they worked the Improv Lake Tahoe. They were on my radio show, Howie's Morning Rush, KRLT 93-9 The Lake also broadcasting out of South Lake Tahoe. They are on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast.

Episode 168 on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast with comedians Nick Youssef & Sandy Danto who are best friends but drove up to Lake Tahoe in separate vehicles! Both are in Lake Tahoe at the Improv Lake Tahoe. Also on Howie's Morning Rush radio show on KRLT 93-9 The Lake.

Episode 167 Cathy Ladman & Carrie Snow AKA 'The Thelma & Louise Tahoe All Dog Roadtrip' with their dogs, 'Chappy' and 'TJ' on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ broadcasting from South Lake Tahoe. Both are performing this week @ the Improv Lake Tahoe and both were on Howie's Morning Rush radio show on KRLT 93-9 The Lake.

Episode 166 is up and loaded on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ with my only guest, Charles Fleischer 'live' from Lake Tahoe. Best known as the voice of Roger Rabbit Fleischer has appeared in so many films both as a voice-over artist and as an actor.

Episode 165 is loaded up on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ with best bud & backup singer Rocky LaPorte & Ron 'More Ron, More Ron, MORON' Morey! The three of us always creates the best chemistry so having the two of them working up here @ The Improv Lake Tahoe is a pretty wild week. 

Episode 164 on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ is a special edition of my last interview with legendary comedian Don Rickles on my morning radio show. A lot of people asked that I upload it when listeners to my morning radio show heard me play snippets on the air here in South Lake Tahoe.

Episode163 on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast with comedian (and Lake Tahoe regular) Kivi Rogers & 'If there's a fallout' Gary Cannon @

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Ep162 is up on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ with Midwestern former wrestler turned comedian Greg Warren & raised in southern CA Mat (not a typo) Edgar (w/ special guest Auggie Smith). It all takes place in South Lake Tahoe. Howie Nave, The Improv, KRLT radio, Howie's Morning Rush

Episode 161 is up for our annual post St. Patrick's Day tradition podcast with Irish co-headliners Jackie Flynn & Kevin Flynn (no relation) on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ recorded 'live' in the Lake Tahoe basin. Comedians Jackie Flynn and Kevin Flynn have been coming up here to the Tahoe basin for over 16 years now making this our longest tradition ever and one we plan on continuing for another 20.

Episode 160 uploaded on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast with seasoned comedian John Caponera & the sardonic musings of Joe Dosch @, Lake Tahoe, The Improv, comedy podcasts, Howie Nave

Episode 159 on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ with .Renaissance comedian Todd Glass on favorite meals, the funny & priorities in life with Caleb Synan (who knows Georgia comedian Tom Simmons) Lake Tahoe, The Improv, The Todd Glass Situation, Conan O'Brien,  Harveys Lake Tahoe

Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast with guests Dat Phan and Lydia Popovich recorded in South Lake Tahoe. Episode 158 on the podcast from South Lake Tahoe.

John Wilson, creator of The Razzie Awards, Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast, Lake Tahoe, Hollywood's Worst Movies, 37th annual Razzie Awards, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, Donald Trump, The anti-Oscars Show, Lake Tahoe

Episode 156 with comedians (and former sloth) Ben Gleib and wanna-be Jewish princess comedian Justine Marino on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast broadcasting out of South Lake Tahoe. Howie Nave host/emcee The Improv Lake Tahoe, Improv Lake Tahoe, High Sierra, podcasting, comedians, Lake Tahoe

Episode 155 on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast featuring comedians Bob Zany and Jessica Michelle Singleton. Recorded in South Lake Tahoe. The Improv Lake Tahoe is where comedians Bob Zany and Jessica Michelle Singleton performed February 2017.

Episode 154 is up and running on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast. My guests are comedians Matteo Lane and Brian Moses. Broadcasting from South Lake Tahoe it's the first time for both Lane and Moses not just on the podcast but being up here in South Lake Tahoe.

Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ has it's 153rd episode with comedians Jerry Rocha and Ronnie Schell. This is Rocha's first time on the podcast and an exceptional comedian with a blunt, in your face approach to the craft. He's a good one. Also on is the legendary actor/comedian who's been on countless television shows and has been doing stand up 60 years! Wow. He has the best showbiz stories too and shares some of them on this episode as well.

Broadcasting from beautiful (and right now snow covered) Lake Tahoe it's Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ and it's episode 152 with comedian Amir K & the comic whose name we can't fit on the marquee, Allen Strickland Williams. The podcast features a different pair of nationally touring comedians every week with a new episode uploaded every Saturday. Comedian Amir K's first motion picture just happened to be Ben Affleck's "Argo" and he's also on the MADtv on the CW. Allen was recently on Conan and this is his first time up here in Tahoe and since he has no body fat has been freezing to death. Howie Nave has had been in Tahoe with the Improv since Day 1 last weekend (Jan 15, '17) celebrating 16 years up here as Lake Tahoe's longest running revue.

Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast episide 151 with comedian/actor Allan Havey & comedian Alycia Cooper 1st time in Lake Tahoe together buried in snow

This is episode 150 of Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast with The highly motivated and spirited duo of comedians Francisco Ramos & Michael Blaustein

Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast with comedians Raj Sharma and Jen Murphy.

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Ep148.Comedians Gene (Chicano to the bone) Pompa & Felicia (a movie just waiting to happen) Michaels

Ep147.Comedians Dat Phan & Chase DuRousseau on a very special geekdom, sci-fi episode (& you wonder why we're all single)

Edgey comedian Mike Pace on Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast.

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Podcast from Lake Tahoe comedian Howie Nave

comedy podcast with comedians Howie Nave, Henry Phillips, Rick D'Elia

Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast features some of the best and most entertaining comedians in the business. Oh sure, some might not be household names (yet) but think of it as you getting an insight into knowing these individuals before everybody else did.

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Ep137.Comedians Todd (the non-segue king) Glass & Gary (1st time up here in 15.5 years) Brightwell